Good morning Sweets!

Today the sun is shining here in Basel but still ice cold! Brrrrr. A Starbucks coffee (Toffee Nut Latte) made it better ?

Yesterday afternoon I took off to visit my mom’s cemetery. I never went before because I thought I will cry and will think too much about her. However, I was quite nervous yesterday. The cemetery place is actually beautiful and very clean than expected. Before I entered the cemetery I wore my scarf on my head. I looked around. Many memories came to front. I can remember the day of her funeral. How people hold me as I was crying very loudly and I called my mom to come back to me. I did the last rituals to my mom and prayed for her. That day is unforgettable!

Once I reached the grave of my mom, I read her name. It has been so long of hearing her name and even calling her as ‘’Uma’’ (Uma means Mom). I couldn’t cry. I couldn’t feel that she is there. I felt that she is in my heart and not there. Really. I thought I would cry like a crazy and wouldn’t come back home. But it was totally different. While walking back to the bus station I was turning back about three times and looked at her grave. I whispered few times that I miss her so much. Then only I felt her.

Today, I am not feeling well because its one of those days I miss my mom so much. But I am sure, once I go home after work and see Liyanah, I will feel much better. That little chipmunk frozen baby! haha ?

Have a great day!


PS: One girl messaged me that she gifted her mom a necklace to make her feel happy and to say thank you after reading my blog. This makes me really happy! We love you Mothers!