First of all, I am OVERWHELMED by all of your comments, emails and direct messages on Instagram. I never expected that!!!

And for few: I never wanted you to cry by reading my last post. Sorry for that! ?

Before I start with all the girly things and my online diary, I have noticed that many girls wrote me directly what an unhappy life they are living. They are comparing themselves with others and have questions like ‘’Why don’t I have those things which they have? Why are they all happy and not me? Why she is getting 1000 likes and me just 2? Why she is so beautiful and perfect and I’m not?’’ This is social media! If you are in social media and you are not self-confident enough, you have to deal with this problem. How many time you have been jealous of an Instagram picture or of a person on Instagram! No one is really gonna post what they don’t have or how much trouble they have in their life. Actually I am not really the right person to talk about self-confidence (hehe). For example, if someone tells me anything negative I will think too much and cry in the corner for more than two days! (It’s a bit exaggerated). I just can’t handle it.

My advice: Work for that what you really want. Now it seems to be hard but in the future you will get payed for that. And then someone will be jealous on you!

Accept yourself! 

If I would show you guys a teenager pic and and a picture of me now… you will get shocked! Haha… As a teenager I looked really horrible. I never took care of my looks. I was 2 or 5 shades darker (I don’t know why). I wore cloth like a guy. Now, I really love to make me feel beautiful and girly. I am not perfect but I accepted how god created me. Once you have accepted yourself, you will feel really beautiful. Your face will definitely show that. To make you feel beautiful, you don’t really need a beauty surgery. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.. – COCO Chanel.

Few tips of me:

-Do you have big teeth (like me) or disaster teeth shape, don’t worry, just keep it clean, wear a clip/brace (if you can afford it)… or you can bleach it as I do… So people will notice how beautiful white teeth you have and not the shape. (I have used teeth strips which changed totally my teeth colour into few shades lighter. I will put my review in upcoming posts)

Don’t hide your teeth, because people will notice how you are trying to hide your teeth by closing your mouth fast or keep your hands always in front while smiling (I am still doing that but not much like before). Laughing is always nice. SMILE!! ?

me and my daughter Liyanah

-Do you have scars, acne or pimples all over your face, consult it with a doctor, try your best to remove it with medical or home remedies or just cover it with makeup… It takes time but better start today…

btw. make up is not a mask.. it’s an art..

Especially to the teenagers! Please don’t worry about all the pimples you have now, It’s just because of your age. We all came through that and normally it should change after few years!

-Do you not feel good in your body… do sports, eat clean and make a realisticgoal how much weight you want to lose… (not like ‘’7 kg in one week’’ -.-)..I know Its really hard to motivate yourself but just imagine how you gonna look after you have reached your dream weight… oh yea… (I will do soon a 30 days plan to lose weight, mixed with gym and diet..)

Instead of looking after someone how slim and beautiful and bla bla they are… and wasting time… just start today…now!

Those days which you were complaining about yourself, you could have started and would have reached today where others have.

Take a problem easy. Solve it or accept it. Nowadays every young girl is more confident and accepting herself. The trend is now to accept and to be proud who you are and how you look!

After reading my last post, few girls understood how much time they have and what life really means. This makes me really happy that I could change at least 2-3 girls view of life.

Thank you for reading my blog. Keep reading because my upcoming posts will be useful for you… I promise…haha

Next post will be interesting for all the make up freaks, like me… Its all about Deals of Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

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Love you all!

PS: Thank you all for the recommendation where to buy frozen dress for my Liyah xD