Thank you for stopping by my new blog. I can’t believe I finally opened my own blog! I always wanted to create my own blog but because of my bad knowledge in English I was a little bit unsure. But I have confidence in me that my English will improve day by day and who knows… maybe in 10 years I will speak clear and fluently like a British woman…

(mind-voice: DREAM BIG Shazna but not too big) hehe.. Btw. British accent is so hot!!

Soooooo…..Basically, this blog is not only going to be my online diary. This blog is also to share everything I have learned so far about make-up, food, culture, skin care and all these girly stuff!


Since I have lost my mom, I always searched for someone who just listen what I am telling. But I felt always uncomfortable to talk with my 2-3 friends, or my husband, or my dad. Its sometimes awkward. So I started a note book where I write everything what I wanted to tell to my mom. I love writing so it feels really good to do that. So why not a Blog! I guess a blog is not only a blog for few. Its also something which you get people to know who are ready to read and listen what you are going to say and finally growing up as a family who even cares about you. With people you don’t know how they look or never met before. This is something crazy but it feels good. I am very happy that I finally opened a blog and cant wait to share lot of things with you guys!

My Webiste/Blog is not 100% complete. I have not much experience in blogging so this weekend I will try my best to complete it as much as I can.


If you want to know something specific, do not hesitate to contact me through Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or here.

Once again, thank you for taking time to read my blog. this means a lot to me ?

Shazna Ilham