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Terms & Conditions

Please  read these terms and conditions carefully before making a booking. It's the responsibility of the named person on the contact form to understand, agree, and accept responsibility for all booking conditions, including all payments due by specified dates. By proceeding to pay a deposit/booking fee you accept that you are entering into a contract and you agree to be bound by these conditions.


Shazna Ilham Makeup are not refunding however we will keep your deposit/payment on file until you can reschedule your booking. If you are unable to reschedule your date or if we are already booked up on the new date, the complete security deposit will be retained by us regardless of notice given due to administration costs and loss of other bookings caused by allocating your appointment.


Bookings can only be confirmed once a deposit/booking fee has been received. All deposits/booking fees are non refundable or transferable. The deposit/booking fee is your booking retainer which means we turn away all other jobs during your appointment time. You're welcome to secure your wedding date with us first and have your trial closer to your wedding date, or vice versa as we want to ensure all our clients are happy with their decision. After placing your deposit/booking fee, If someone in your wedding party decides to pull out or their service the balance will remain the same you have the option to replace them with someone else.
​In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your booking any payments you have made  are strictly non-refundable, and non-transferable. If we book you in for hair or makeup it means we cannot book other clients and it's likely we have turned away other business. Due to our high demand for bookings, we are regularly booked months, if not years, in advance .   
After paying your deposit/booking fee - If someone  decides to pull out of  their service, the total amount quoted will remain the same and no refund will be offered,  you have the option to  replace them with someone else. Changes to your booking by adding another person onto your original booking can only be accepted if time / resources allow on your wedding day and we will require prior notice and payment due at the specified time. Adding extra people on the day, without prior warning, may jeopardise the quality of our work or delay the ceremony. 

Hair and makeup trials are recommended to make sure you’re going to look perfect on your big day. We do one look during the trial and complete it to perfection. We will do as much styling as we can in trial sessions (90 minutes for makeup, 90 minutes for hairstyling). Trials per 30 mins (after the first 90 minutes will be charged at CHF 50 per 30 minutes. A second trial can be booked subject to availability, the same charges as your first trial will apply. Trials are not compulsory but are recommended, without a trial we will not accept responsibility if a chosen style or look does not work on a wedding day or there are circumstances where there is a mismatch in styles, approach, or expectations, and a refund will not be offered. 7 days prior notice must be given if you wish to cancel or reschedule your trial date. In the likely event that we have turned away alternative bookings to accommodate your trial, you will be charged. We reserve the right to cancel a booking following a trial, without a refund of the deposit, in circumstances where there is a mismatch in styles, approach, expectations and/or the client is uncooperative, not open to suggestions or makes any member of our team feel uncomfortable. It is advisable that you familiarise yourself with our work portfolio and ensure you are confident our capabilities and style are appropriate before securing a booking. Strictly no trials are on Saturday's due to wedding jobs.

Are you dreaming of a long and flowing bridal hair? or a seriously stylish up-do that requires lots of volume? Then you might have considered having hair extensions for your wedding. If you have fine, thin hair and struggling to grow your hair fast enough for your big day or you simply want to make sure you can create the hairstyle you want we highly suggest having hair extensions. Please inform us prior to your trial so we can order in the correct colour and advise you on pricing.  If a member of the bridal party wishes to bring their own clip in extensions on the wedding day they must have them already placed on their head prior to starting hair services or if they want the bridal hair stylist to place and curl them, an additional fee will be assessed to their hair service. This may throw off the timeline also, due to extra time placing the  bridal hair extensions and curling of the additional hair so it is very important we are  informed prior to the wedding day.
Parking must be provided for and paid for by  the client. Our hair and makeup artists carry a lot of heavy equipment so valet parking at all hotels is a must and will need to be arranged prior to the wedding date please.

Travel  fee will be calculated depending on how many stylists you require and the distance the stylists will need to travel to your location. A personalised quote will be emailed to you. You will be expected to cover all costs for hotel accommodation where it is not practical to travel on the day of your wedding i.e. limited time available, or severe weather conditions have been forecast.
CHF 50 per 30mins apply for before 6am starts.

If you would like to reduce the time taken, I can bring my assistant for an additional flat fee of CHF200 + travel fee costs.

If we experience unforeseen delays which are out of our control refunds will not be given in the event that one or more services are forfeited as a result and no compensation will be offered if we overrun. If you are aware of factors, which could delay or hinder our journey, such as diversions, road closures, speed restrictions, issues etc. please advise us as soon as possible so we can factor this into our route. No refund or compensation will be offered for delays caused by other wedding vendors, guests, or members of the bridal party. A minimum of 60 minutes will be allocated for hair or makeup application per person. If you suspect any member of your bridal party may pose as a challenge in any way, they are encouraged to have a trial to avoid potential delays on the day.

Please ensure every member of your party is aware of timings on the day and that they need to be, and remain, available.   We request that all parties cooperate on the day of the booking which includes being ready at the scheduled time for hair and makeup, and not eating or using mobile phones whilst getting makeup done. This will ensure we run on time and there is no delay. Please ensure all other instructions provided to you prior to the booking are followed, e.g. to make sure hair is washed and dried straight the night before. Please ensure that our team will be working in a suitable environment with adequate lighting, by a window is best so we have natural light. electricity points, and hand washing facilities and a large high table for our products.  You are to inform us of any allergies or reactions prior to, or after, any makeup application or hair styling. If no known allergies are stated we cannot be held liable for any reactions, injuries, losses, damage, costs, claims and actions that may occur to you or any other member of your party. Prior to having makeup applied or hair styled please ensure you and your party are prepared, to avoid leaving the chair whilst we are working. Please ensure teeth are cleaned, you have been to the toilet and contact lenses are applied (if applicable), before sitting in the chair. Also make sure you are make-up free, (we will prep your skin.) On a wedding day, time is of the essence. Please do not sit children/babies on your lap whilst having your hair styled or make-up applied. For their own safety please ensure that children are kept away from our styling tools and products at all times. Styling irons are extremely hot, and hazardous, and we will not be held responsible if a child is injured as a result of the parent or carer not being present. We are not obliged to stay if we have completed our work before the estimated completion time.  We may refuse to follow any instructions (including posing for photographs) that are outside the scope of our makeup and hairstyling services.

CHF 20 additional blow out fee will be assessed to anyone who arrives to their stylist on the wedding day with wet hair. This will throw off the timeline also, due to extra time blowing out the hair.

All brushes, tools, and makeup products are sanitized between every makeup application. Makeup products used are hypoallergenic. Any allergies and/or skin conditions should be reported by the client to the makeup artist prior to application and, if need be, a sample test of makeup may be performed on the skin to test reaction. 

Unless a list of ingredients of potential reactive ingredients are presented to me before the makeup application, Blossom Hair & Makeup is not responsible for any reactions to makeup. If you or your bridal party are suffering from any type of contagious illness including, but not limited to, conjunctivitis, eye styes/cysts, cold sores, open wounds/cuts on the face and neck, staph infection, head lice, or a flu or other contagious illness, I need to be informed as a matter of urgency and reserve the right to refuse service of any infectious person. This is a precaution taken in order to ensure non-contamination of my kit and brushes, despite the fact all items are sanitised between clients.

​It is imperative that we continue to update our portfolio and demonstrate our work to future prospective brides. Please let us know in advance by written email if you do not wish to be photographed or if you are not happy for us to use your images for  social media purposes,  all staff  will be notified.   We are happy to be photographed on your wedding  day however, any photo image incorporating our team in action, or our hair and/or make-up design, on the internet or on any other advertisement, must make reference or credit us as the hair and/or makeup artists.

Your privacy is taken very seriously. Your personal information will never be used for any purpose other than processing your booking and   conducting our service with you. Further, your information will not intentionally be passed on to a third party under any circumstances.

Bank Transfer is accepted (Preferred)
Cheques will not be accepted.
Credit card can be used via PayPal, but will incur fees.
Cash on the day ( To be paid prior to your service starting).

If you need to cancel your booking any payment made is non-refundable and  non-transferable.  
If you have a complaint following your booking please direct this to Shazna Ilham
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any further questions please contact us.